Saturday 6 June 2015

Making fonts work for you.

All the fonts use by window programs  are managed by window,so fonts available in one office 2000 application are available in all the others.unless you want to apply unique formatting like a double underline,you'll be able to make most of your font formatting changes using the formatting toolbar.the toolbar includes buttons and drop down menus that let you choose a font,size effects such as bold,ital ics,and underline,and font color.if you need font options that are not available on the toolbar,open the font dialog box.word's font dialog box has three pages tabs.font character spacing and text effects.on the font page you can select font attributes and how a font will look by nothing the changes in the preview as you apply desired styles,sizes underlining,color and effects word 2000 provides nine different underline options.there are 11 effects that you can apply from the font dialog can use strike through and double strikethrough to show proposed in a contract or bylaws.use superscript and superscript to place special characters in formula H20 or rr2.shadow,outline emboss,and engrave stylize the text so that it stands out.small caps and all caps are typically used in document like letterheads or business cards.the small caps effect converts lowercase letters to smaller versions of the capital use small caps,enter all the text in lowercase or mixed case and then apply the small caps effect.hidden text doesent'print and can only be seen when show hide is enabled.this effect was much more commonly used when there weren't more effective ways like comments to include nonprinting,visible document notes.

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