Wednesday 11 March 2015

AscII graphic characters,range names.

Release 1a's capbility to use extended grapics characters to dress up a screen was an undocumented feature.these characters allowed you to draw boxes and add special symbols on the screen.with release 2, lotus has as signed different meanings to these characters.the lotus international character set,LIGS.any these extended characters must be erased or replaced with regular keyboard characters before the character can appear acceptable on an release 2 screen.release 2.01 offers an install option to use extended characters rather than LIGS characters.the exclamation point (i) is a valid part of a release 1a range name.a range name,however,preceeded by an ' has a special meaning in release 2.the means ''treat the name as a range of cells even if the name only refers to a single cell.this narrowed meaning is intended to get around a quirk in some of the new functions.for this reason,a range name connot be begin with an in release 2.if you have incorrectly used in realase 2,you might get any number of different errors depending on the way the range is might get an invalid id number input or an invalid name error.

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