Tuesday 16 June 2015

How to setting tab stops and leaders using the tabs.

You can also create tab stops using the tabs dialog box.make sure the insertion point is located where you want the new tab stops to begin.if the text you want to format is already entered,select it.access the tabs dialog box,choosing format tabs from the menu bar.in the tab stop position text box,type the location for the tab stop you want to create.in the alignment control,choose how you want text to align at the tab stop.the leader control lets you select a leader to lead the reader's eye across the text.the leader preccedes the tabbed text.when you have set the position,type and leader if you wish for the tab stop,click the set button.the new tab stop will be added to the list.repeat these steps to set any other tab stops.some users find the tabs dialog box an easier way of changing tab stops than dragging arrow around the ruler.1 select the tab stop from the list below the tab stop position control.2 change the alignment and leader option.3 click set to apply your changes.to remove an existing tab stop,select if from the list and click the clear button.clicking clear all removes all the tab stops you added reverting to the default tab setting.when you are finished setting tab stop,click ok to close the tabs dialog box,to see where tabs have been typed in existing text,click the show/hide paragraph marks button on the standard toolbar.you'll see a right pointed arrow to indicate a tab.

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