Thursday 12 March 2015

Creating web pages in access.

You can create three very different kinds of web pages.with access 2000 dynamic data access pages,server-generated HTML pages,and static web use different tools to create the different types of pages.there are advantages and disadvantages to each access pages,created with the data access page wizard,are DHTML dynamic HTML pages that can include office access pages are inter can allow users to edit and enter database data from a browser,but they must have office 2000 and internet explorer 5 or higher.therefore,make sure to create data access pages in a relatively closed environment,like an intranet,where users need to work interactively with up-to-the minute data and you know they have the required client-side software.server generated HTML pages let you present live data,but the data will be not be interent information server is required on the server side to generate the HTML pages,so there are not generic ''publish anywhere''pages,but they work with a variety of browsers.server generated HTML pages but the work with a variety browser.server generated HTML pages are useful in a hetero geneus environment like the interent when you need to display current read only data to a variety of client'll create static pages when you want users to view but not change or manipulate data,and significent data changes are infrequent.static pages are purely HTML,so you can publish them on a web server that doesn't include internet inforamtion server.

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