Saturday 7 March 2015

Using the data access page toolbox.

The data access page toolbox includes a number of tools you're familiar with if you've designed access forms or reports or if you've created forms using visual basic.however,there are other controls that are specifically for use on web pages,including the three office web components you saw at the start of this already know how to use the components in excel.we'll use the pivot table components as an example of how to work  with the components in an access web page. to add an office web components to the active web page,click the components toolbox button,and then click on the page to place the components.right click on the components and choose property toolbox or click the property toolbox button on the components toolbar.whether you work in excel or access,the property toolbox is the excel,however,you usally selcet a range of cells that servers as the data source for the components before placing the access,you have to place the component first and then select a data the data source section of the property toolbox and choose data source control.

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