Tuesday 10 March 2015

Batch file are used,autoexec file.

An autoexec bat file tells us to run programme automatically when we start ms-dos.this can be useful when we want to run a specific application under ms-dos when we start computer,ms dos searches the root directory of the default disk drive for a file name autoexec bat.if it finds the autoexec bat file,ms-dos immediately process it by passing the data and time prompt appear automatically.ms-s dos does not prompt for a current date and time unless we include the date and time command in our autoexec bat file.it is good idea to add these to command to autoexe bat file since ms-dos use this information to keep our directory current every time. with ms-dos we can put commands sequence into a special file called a batch file and then run the sequence of commands simply by typing the name of the batch file.note that we does not need to type that batch file extension,even though all our batch file must include the bat extension with their file name.by using a batch file we only have to remember to type one command instead of serveral.

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