Tuesday 26 May 2015

Changing page orientation and paper size.

If you think your document would look better in landscape orientation(11x8.5)than portrait(8.5x11),you can change the orientation in page setup.choose file page setup paper size or double click on the gray frame at the top of the ruler bar to open the dialog box.you can also change to another paper size entirely,including a custom size for non standard forms like note cards or half sheets.if you choose custom size,enter the dimensions for height and width.if you want to apply a page size change to only part of your document,position the insertion point at the beginning of the page you want to change,go to page setup,change the page size,and choose this point forward in the apply to control.to apply the change to a single page and not all the pages that follow it,move the insertion point to the end of the last page with this formatting,select this point forward,and change back to the original paper size.

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