Wednesday 18 March 2015

Creating web based forms.

To make the web truly interactive,information has to go in both directions.web users need the ability to send information to the site owners,and web owners need to know about who their visitors are and what they are looking for.web forms provide a way for visitors to respond to surveys,register with a site,voice their opinions about issues,search your site,or submit can add a form to any web page.when you add form control from the web tools toolbar,word automatically adds top of form add bottom of form boundaries to the form.word comes equipped with 11 built in control for you to use on forms.use check boxes when users are allowed to select more than one option within a group.for example,you could have your check box say something like send me more information about:and then list various choices for the user to select from.option buttons indicate that a user can select only one item from a group of options,such as receiving information daily,weekly,or monthly.drop down boxes give users a list of specific options from which they can choose one.for example,from a drop-down list of cities you can pick yours to see its weather report.list boxes are similar to drop-down boxes in that they give users a list of options to choose from.however,instead of clicking an arrow to open a list,users use scroll buttons to scroll through the list.list boxes allow users to select multiple choices by using shift or ctrl while clicking.

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